She Puts A Cotton Ball Under Her Feet While She Sleeps. When She Wakes Up… Incredible!

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Having dry and cracked feet is a common and annoying problem.

Dry feet tend to crack and to ich, not to mention the fact that they are simply uncomfortable.

Sometimes, creams and ointments do not manage to smooth and hydrate the feet although, for some people, this type of treatment does the job.

In the case where these home treatments don’t work, it’s best to pay a doctor a visit.

However, there is this simple trick that you can try:


Cracked feet it’s a common problem. Many people suffer from dry and cracked feet and this is very uncomfortable.

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Start by crushing 10 aspirin tablets. Crush them into a fine powder.

rubbin alcohol


Put the powder in 250ml of 70% rubbing alcohol. The obtained solution can be used after 2 days.



After you’ve prepared the solution take a cotton ball and dip it in. The cotton ball must be place on the areas of your feet that need to be treated.



The last step is to wrap your feet in plastic. This way the cotton ball will be held in place while you sleep, and allow the mixture to penetrate deeper into your skin.

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