He Speeds Up To Steal Her Spot But She Has The Last Laugh – BRILLIANT!


Nobody likes people who steal parking spaces. It’s just an annoying habit that bitters up one’s day. It happened to me so many times that I’ve forgot the number. I know it happened to you also. And it makes you angry because you’ve been waiting for that spot to get free and boom, someone else takes it in a sec.

But sometimes, karma has its own way of dealing with this kind of jerks. Ohh, how I love when karma gets in and does some justice. I feel revenged. And it has a sweet sweet taste.

In the video posted below you’ll see a woman who finds a parking space and starts the maneuver needed to park her car. Then, a jerk rushes to steal her spot. In my opinion, what she did is absolutely golden! I’m not going to say more, I’ll just leave you to see for yourself.



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via Cheng Deng

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