Her Owner Was Attacked By An Alligator In His Sleep. What Did This Dog Do? UNBELIEVABLE

dog protects owner from Alligator

Every man considers his dog to be special and smart, and in fact most dogs are, but there is a special kind of dogs that are trained to help people. They are utility dogs. They assist people who suffer from blindness, they can detect if a person will have a seizure, and many more.

One pitbull named Precious was more for her owner than just a trustworthy friend. She also helped him by detecting when his poor medical condition was about to cause him a seizure.  For six years Precious and her owner lived on a boat in Florida.

But then, one night, Precious’ protective instincts kicked in and what she did went way above her call of duty.

It’s hard to find the words to describe what is in Robert’s soul after this experience, but at least he knows his dog was loyal to the end.


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via FOX 4 Now

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