Protesters Showed Up To Picket A Marine’s Funeral. See What Happens When This Biker Gang Showed Up

Bikers defend mourning family from protesters featured

The Westboro Baptist Church had a big surprise when they showed up to picket a Marine’s funerals.

At 25 years old, Marine Corporal Richard Bennet passed away in a helicopter crash in Iraq. The Westboro Baptist Church wanted to protest at his funeral. They consider that God is punishing American troops by killing them due to the country’s acceptance homosexuality.

The grieving family of Richard Bennet was now confronting with the prospect of furious, chanting protesters. That was the moment when “The Patriot Guard” showed up.

These veterans band together to make sure that protesters do not ruin a fallen soldier’s funeral.

Ken Van is a pastor and veterans of the Patriot Guard and tries to be present at fallen soldiers’ funerals to show his respect as often as he can.

“No family should have to face this type of hatred on the day that they’re putting their loved ones to rest,” Ken says.

The Patriot Guard took the decision of exercising their rights by forming a wall with their bodies. They also revved their bikes’ engines so that the church would have nt been seen or heard by the people mourning.

Despite the full of hate rhetoric, that is destined to put the Westboro Baptist Church on the radar, the bikers successfully manager to beat the protesters by simply ignoring them.  And what a great job they did!


h/t: Homecoming Heroes

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