This Simple Yoga Pose Can Naturally Cure Sciatic Pain Without Drugs Or Surgery

Cure Sciatic Pain With yoga featured

The sciatic nerve is one of the most important nerves in the human body. It’s a large nerve that begins at the lower spine and goes all the way to the foot. It runs through the buttock and down to the lower limb, being the longest and the largest nerve in the human body.

This nerve is vital for mobility, it supplies sensation to the skin and it’s essential to innervate the leg muscles.

It is known that over a third of people from around the world will experience sciatica, typically caused by the irritation of the sciatic nerve. This condition causes pain, a feeling of numbness, weakness and tingling sensations affecting everything from the lower back to the feet.

The treatment is with pain medication but is generally recommended that people stay active to the best of their abilities.

Luckily there are ways you can avoid the drugs by taking care of your sciatic pain at home and you can stay active.

Watch the video and you’ll see:


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photo via, h/t: CureJoy

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