98-Year-Old Woman Is Told She’s “Too Old” To Drive. But She Didn’t Accept That

Everybody has heard or read inspirational quotes about getting older. But let’s face it, age is truly just a number. You are as old as you feel, and I bet you have had moments when your body said no, but your mind said “hell yeah”.

Everyone treats aging in their own way, this is why we should learn a lesson from an amazing woman named Evelyn.

Evelyn is as capable as any other person could be, but  recently she had her driver’s license taken away, not for having troubles with her driving record, but because she is “too old”.

I don’t need to say how this affected the quality of her life, not to mention the fact that in recent years her mobility was affected and she really needed her driver’s licence.

When I talk about quality of life I don’t mean driving around for being lazy, I’m talking about going to the grocery store to buy food…

One day she heard that the retirement community bus spent for taking seniors to the grocery store was canceled. This was a big problem for her friend Joyce who rely on that bus to get around. “If they don’t get another bus, they’ll find another place for me to live. I just don’t want to go anywhere else,” Joyce told Evelyn. That is when Evelyn made a promise to her friend and neighbour.

So she went back to take her licence back. What happend next is a true act of friendship.

Watch the following video, see her story, and tell us what you think about it.


H/T: I Like Giving

I really hope that this story inspired you to never give up on things you know for sure you can do. Or that you deserve them. Fight for them.

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