This Chilling Video Shows What It Would Have Been Like To Go Down With The Titanic

There is no person on this Planet’s surface to not know what the Titanic was. OK, maybe its fame is due to Spielberg’s ’97 movie but still, the Titanic was pretty famous.

Let me just tell you a few interesting facts about the ship and its maiden voyage:

  • it’s route was from Southampton, England to New York City, US.
  • when it sank, 1500 passengers didn’t survive.
  • when it hit the iceberg, the ship traveled just 375 miles.
  • the 705 survivors were saved by RMS Carpathia.

To this day, the Titanic’s story is one of the world’s deadliest commercial peacetime maritime disasters.

So, how would it have felt to be onboard the Titanic during that fatidic day of  15th of April 1912? The video posted below is an animation that shows this. This animation was created to mark the 104th Titanic sinking anniversary podcast held on April 14th, 2016.

Hint: at 2:39:20 Titanic brokes down into two parts.


h/t: Titanic Honor And Glory

Seeing this makes me understand better what all those people have been through. It was a total disaster. All those lost lives, too much suffering. I really hope this will never happen again.

They went on Titanic for a holiday. Those people were there to have fun, they did not go there to die. And it doesn’t matter if they were poor or rich. All lives matter.

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