He Always Does This Before Setting His Luggage Down. Everyone Should Know This

He Always Does This Before Setting His Luggage Down featured

What is the first thing you usually do when you arrive at a hotel? Most likely you drop your bags on the floor and jump on the bed to relax, right?

According to Jim Dill, Extension Educator at The University of Maine, this is worst thing to do. Mr. Dill explains why everyone should first check their hotel room before enjoying it for an unexpected intruder that goes by the name of  cimex lectularius (bed bugs).

Although they are called bed bugs, you won’t find them in your bed. These insects make thousands of victims every year, and you really don’t have to be one of them. In the video you will learn how not to be their victim.

A creepy detail about bed bugs is that they feed with human blood in order to survive! The good part is they are easy to detect. Jim Dill explains everything you need to know about these little vampires.

Watch the video below and you’ll know what to do next time you’ll check in at a hotel:


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Nice and simple! Now you know what to do.

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