12 Brutally Honest Charts About People That Everyone Will Relate To

How many times did you find yourself in a conversation and couldn’t remember what the other person told you just 5 minutes earlier?

Let’s say you meet with a high school colleague at the grocery store and he/she starts telling you what he/she’s been up to and you are thinking to yourself that you really just want to buy milk and get home to eat?

BuzzFeed’s Lara Parker put together 12 graphs that sum up perfectly this kind of situations. The graphs are so honest they tend to become funny.

But hey, it’s better to spread them than to find yourself in these situations on a daily basis.

1. Yes, guilty as charged.

relatable-charts-for-people-who-hate-people 1

2. Why you don’t text back: check.

relatable-charts-for-people-who-hate-people 2

3. And I thought I was the only one thinking that.

relatable-charts-for-people-who-hate-people 3

4. And when I think about all those parties to which I was kinda forced to go.

relatable-charts-for-people-who-hate-people 4

5. The truth is always in the middle.

relatable-charts-for-people-who-hate-people 5

6. If you put it that way…

relatable-charts-for-people-who-hate-people 6

7. Yes, we all say some innocent lies.

relatable-charts-for-people-who-hate-people 7

8. That’s why social media is so popular.

relatable-charts-for-people-who-hate-people 8

9. Birds of a feather flock together.

relatable-charts-for-people-who-hate-people 9

10. We are always forced to do things we don’t want to do in the first place, like listen to others.

relatable-charts-for-people-who-hate-people 10

11. When you are in a group project, sometimes is not the work that annoys you, people are.

relatable-charts-for-people-who-hate-people 11

12. Ohh, elevators, everyobody hates them when you have to share them.

relatable-charts-for-people-who-hate-people 12

h/t/: BuzzFeed

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