What This Dog Does In A Field Will Put The BIGGEST Smile On Your Face

happy dog on a field featured


The team from the Dog Work posted this video on their website. They know that dogs are part of our lifes and that they deserve all our love and affection.

They even help people find their perfect dog. If you are looking to adopt one, just visit their website and find out more information on how you can do that. You can also support shelters for dogs. They have all the info you need to know.

But this one in particular has something. He is one happy dog and he spreads so much joy. Many people who have seen the video have claimed that it made their day. I’m one of them. In a way I’m jealous of the way this dog expresses his joy and on the other hand he put a big smile on my face. After you’ll watch the video, I’m sure you’ll think that too. You can thank us later. Now scroll down and prepare yourself for a big smile to appear on your face.

Enjoy the video!


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I was right, wasn’t I? You are smiling now.

Seeing this dog on the field in that big grass reminds me of my childhood. That is when we all felt free and truly happy. When we had no worries on our minds and life seemed so easy and simple.

After watching the video all I can say is that it has so much rolled up into it. It has humor, silliness, cuteness and not to mention that the song is just perfect with this happy and goofy dog that jumps like a rabbit (or a kangaroo).

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