This Blind Man Attempts To Draw Sketches, Even He Laughs At The Results

Here’s a question you never thought of: can blind people draw? If it never crossed your mind don’t worry, you are not the only one.

The answer is yes, they can, the only thing that you have to keep in mind is that their drawings aren’t even close to what you would have thought about.

Tommy Edison was born blind so he hasn’t got any idea about how things actually look like. All his life he managed to see the world with his sense of touch.

So, how will his sketches look like? Will they be accurate? Well… no. Mr. Edison explains in the video below why, for a blind person, is very difficult to draw but by the end of the video you will realize he teaches us all a lesson: never ever give up.

His attitude is a model that we should all adopt without any hesitation. I sure know I will.

Enjoy the video, you’ll have a good laugh!


via TommyEdisonXP

I know we all have so many problems in our lives. But after seeing this video, the joy this man has on his face, my problems seem to have reduced. We have to live our life as it is and make the best of it. Remember, we only live once! So go out there and make it worth.

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