He stepped on stage and sang ‘Hallelujah’ So Powerful The Judge Is In Disbelief

If someone, anyone, gets Simon Cowell to call his performance  “one of the most brilliant auditions I’ve ever heard”, that performance is truly outstanding.

Meet Jeff Gutt. He started playing guitar when he was six years old. But, he started to sing when he was in high school. After he graduated, he abandoned music. When his son was born, his life turned around and started to sing again.

His story brought him to The X Factor where he sings  Leonard Cohen’s epic masterpiece “Hallelujah” in a truly epic way that left everyone in awe.

On X Factor’s second season (back in 2012), Jeff Gutt  managed to impress Simon by singing Leonard Cohen’s epic masterpiece “Hallelujah.” But keep in mind that Gutt didn’t just sing the song, he put his own touch over the interpretation.

That was a risky move but it turned out to be best thing he could have done.

It’s hard to describe in words what Gutt achieved on that stage. I’m sure you’ll think that too after you’ll watch the video.

Enjoy the video!


via LR Balba

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