Parents Try To Get Their Baby To Speak But The Show Is Stolen By The Dog’s Reaction

The baby’s first step and first word are the two most important milestones in every new parent’s life. Usually a baby’s first word is either “mama” or “dada” and although I don’t think a baby knows who’s who, at one point he’ll say it.

And parents usually compete with each other when it comes to the baby’s first word. The mommy wants to hear “mama” and the daddy wants to hear “dada”, but this is a decision the little one takes.

In the video posted below the mother wanted “mama” to be her son’s first word but he didn’t look so determined to say it (or to say anything at all). So the awkward silence was broken by Patch, a trained Australian Shepard Dog, the family’s dog by stealing the show. He has some incredible ability to speak.

Watch this incredible video!


via Sam Giovanini

The kids face at the end was like “dude, c’mon… you’re making me look bad.” After seeing this video, I think the dog should be able to read by now (and… drive a car).

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