Guy Trolls Facebook Scammer With Adele Lyrics Until They Go Crazy

I’m sure you’ve seen fake accounts on facebook in your friends’ lists and so on. Usually these fake accounts aren’t quite active but then again, what’s their purpose? All they want is to scam everyone.

Reddit user sebastiankirk (real name Frank Flemming Jensen) uploaded his conversation with this woman (supposedly) who was trying to seduce him perhaps to ask him for money.

When he was contacted by the woman, he realised this is a scam so he decided to have a little fun. He replied just with lyrics from Adele’s “Hello” and I think he served the scammer just right. We should learn a lesson from him.

You can see the full conversation below:


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Man, this is pure comedy. And this guy just made my day, and I had a rough one. I feel like he revenged us because we all hate scammers.

Be safe out there and stay away from these scammers. And if they do find you, just do like this guy. Troll them! At least you can have a little fun.

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