Apache helicopters wipe out Taliban platoon like two dogs fighting over a turkey carcass

The twin apaches opened fire on two taliban platoons after stalking them…

Sometimes the war against talibans or terrorism seems like it will never end. Although in general war or violence bring out endless discussions about how ethic they aren’t. Let’s face it, sometimes they are the real and only solution if we want to keep our families safe. And I know we all want our families to be safe.

With that in mind, I have to warn you, the video footage you are about to see isn’t for everybody. So, if you have a weak heart, do not watch it. But since you are here, I know you want to see it.

In three words this video sums up to: good night Taliban. No more talk now, here it is:


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Pretty rough right. But this is what war is about. It doesn’t comforts. It strikes!

And if you have a problem with this video, remember that these people are the same people that would kill you in front of your family…

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