His Girlfriend Wanted His Dog OUT, So He Posted This Ad On Craigslist

It’s always nice to be in love, to wake up in the morning and check your phone to see if your “better half” texted you, or to text him/her first. An even nicer situation is when you move with your “better half”.  This time you’ll wake up in the morning and get to kiss your partner, to cuddle in bed with him or her.

But… then comes life. So what would you do in the situation in which your “better half” hates you beloved dog and asks you to get rid of him? This thing happened to this guy whose girlfriend hated his beagle, Molly. She demanded him to lose the dog. So what did he do?

He put up an ad on craigslist. Below I posted his ad but… it has a twist in it. And from my point of view, he did the right thing!


guy chooses dog over girlfriend


What would you do if you were in his  place? I know I would have done the same as he did.

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