Disturbing Video Shows Teacher Dragging Special Needs Student By Hair

Teacher Caught on Video Allegedly Dragging Special Needs Student By Hair

Schocking video appears to show a teacher dragging a special needs student by her hair and smacking her in the head.

This incident is under investigation by the Greenville police department and the Greenville Public School District after the video came up to the surface on social media.

It is said to have been filmed at a high school in Greenville, Mississippi, on October 5. The next day it was posted on Facebook by Kesha Williams who said that her daughter had sent it from her phone.



Williams, mother of three, said that she also has a child with special needs at that school, so she decided to post this video. In addition she said that she would want other parents to do the same for her.

“I immediately started crying,” Williams told InsideEdition, “Just the fact that this was a child who was a special needs child, it immediately pissed me off—excuse my words—but it made me mad.”

She added: “I asked my daughter ‘why is she doing this,’” Williams said. “She said ‘she always do … this, she says [that little girl] is bad.’”

The footage appears to show a teacher dragging a student accros the floor, who reportedly is attending the school’s special education program, by the hair:

Greenville High School Principal Xavier M. said to local media:”We are well aware of the situation.

“We are taking all proactive approaches to ensure this is handled in an appropriate manner. We all have high expectations for all our staff members. Anything that falls short of that is unacceptable.”

Tell us you opinion about this incident and what would you do if your child would be in a situation like this.

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