Huge Puppy Destroys The Entire House While His Owners Were Gone And Feels No Remorse

No guilt whatsoever!

If you are a dog owner yourself or if you just know a thing or two about animals, then you know that dogs usually tend to make that guilty face if they are caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing in the first place. But keep in mind that this is not a rule, sometimes dogs don’t feel guilt.

With that in mind, meet Boomer, the dog who feels no remorse at all for the mess he created. Although Boomer is a huge dog, he is just a puppy. He’s a Newfoundland dog. If you don’t know anything abour this huge dog breed, let me tell you a few things: the dogs can live up to 10 years, and can weight up to 176 lbs (80kg). Pretty impressive, right?

Huge Puppy Destroys The Entire House And Doesn't Feel Guilty

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While Boomer’s owners were out, it seems that the puppy had quite a party. When they came back home, they found their house devastated by their beloved huge puppy. He didn’t even bother to sketch the slightest sign of remorse. More than that, judging by the look on his face, he actually felt proud of what he did. He doesn’t feel guilty.

If you are a dog owner or you know somebody who is, take the video as a lesson of why is best not to leave a dog home alone. Especially if that dog is basically a small bear, because it can destroy the entire house.

So, see for yourself that the huge dog (puppy) felt no guilt at all:


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I’m pretty sure his owners had a lot of work cleanig up his mess. I feel sorry for them, pff all that work …

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