If Someone Tells You Angels Don’t Exist, Show Them This, Kenny The Miracle Doberman

Kenny the Paralyzed Doberman Learns to Walk Again

In April 2013, Two Hands Four Paws rescued Kenny, a paralyzed Doberman with a severe damaged spine. Most experts believed Kenny would never walk again and should be euthanized. But, Two Hands Four Paws believed in Kenny and they refused to give up trying to help him learn to walk again.

Kenny the miracle Doberman, believed to be 10-years-old, paralyzed in a freak accident. A worker from an animal shelter accidentally dropped a metal door on his neck.

Initially, the doctors did not give him any chances and said he should be put down. But the team of volunteers from Two Hands Four Paws had a diferent plan for him and took him to their animal rehabilitation center in Los Angeles.


The founder of the center, Leslie McMahon, told Huffington Post, ‘I took him [Kenny] straight to the neurologist, and she knew we didn’t have the roughly $8,000 to do an MRI and surgery,’ Ms McMahon recalled, ‘so she told us to just try rehab to see if we could get him up again.’

So the dog began a rigorous physical therapy program covering four hours every day. So Kenny started all kinds of therapeutic activities, ‘in the pool, doing massage, laser, acupuncture, assisted standing and assisted walking in the quad cart,’ she added.


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During the recovery they have encountered another life-threatening problem. The dog lost the ability to pee, and they were afraid they’ll lose Kenny.

That’s when the Bill Foundation stepped in to help. They were able to raise donations totalling $6,000 in less than one day and the dog went into surgery.

Thanks to these angels, Kenny was finally healthy again and he could walk, run and play again.

Ms McMahon didn’t lose all hope. ‘I rarely see dogs walk again after being down that long. I frankly didn’t think we would get this puppy up again,’ she told the site.

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