Intense footage show how the pros film crocodile up close. Their courage is enormous. DAMN!

Didn’t you ever wonder when watching wildlife documentaries “how on Earth did they capture these images?”. And then you quickly realized they must have special equipment, patience and… some luck.

Well, it’s true… more or less. They need al of those but lately equipment evolved to the point where luck is not so needed.

When filming crocodiles, a special and unique method had to be found in order to get majestic up close shots with the huge and terrifying predators.

Wildlife biologist Forrest Galante and cameraman Mark Romanov came up with an unusual technique to get this kind of impressive footage. They went to the clearest waters dressed in crocodile scaly wetsuit that allowed them to swim at a very close range to the deadly creatures. This way the biologists reduced the risk of being attacked and ultimately injured or killed by their documentary’s star.


via Barcroft TV

From my point of view, what the biologists do is purely insane but I guess somebody has to do it.

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