Dalmatian Couple Takes Care Of These Foster Kittens As If They Were Their Own

From time to time I come across footage of animals with stronger parental instincts than people. It’s always nice to see stories like these because in the animal world life is more natural than it is for us.

Meet Louie and Lady, the most loving parents you could ever hope to meet. This lovely dalmatian couple adopted without any hesitation five kittens, offering them their love and attention.

Although it is known that dogs and cats tend to be territorial animals so the chances of getting on each other’s nerves is quite big. Even if they aren’t in a dispute about who’s alfa and who’s beta.

But the best part of this story is that is not about interspecies domination. It’s about love. When it comes to nursing and giving affection to a handful of unwanted kittens, this lovely couple steps up to the plate.

Meet Louie and Lady, the most loving parents you could ever hope to meet.

I must confess, I didn’t have a strong opinion about dalmatians. I’m more of a boxer type of owner but Louie and Lady made me to rethink my future options when I’ll get a dog.

Lady considers it’s her job to look after foster kittens every time new ones are brought home by her owners. In the clip you are about to see you’ll watch her while she gives the little fluffs attention and shelter. That’s all they need.

I’m 100% sure the atmosphere in that household is absolutely awesome and everyone should feel it when coming home from a long day at work.

Good job Lady, good job Louie!  What a beautiful team.

We can always learn from animals. Sometimes they do things better than us.

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