Stupid Accidents Recorded On Tape That Make You Question Humanity. CHAOS!

As long as there will be cars and people behind the steering wheel, accidents will occur. I’m not talking about accidents caused by road rage. I’m talking about the ones that take place because the drivers are not paying any attention to the road in front of them.


Dumb drivers, man, they are everywhere… You find them every time you leave the house and drive or walk on the roads. I know that we all make some mistakes or take some bad decisions. But some people should not drive. Never. It’s too dangerous for everyone around them and for themselves.

According to the National Safety Council, in the US alone, in the first 6 months of 2015, 18630 people have lost their lives in car accidents and another 2.3 million were seriously injured during the same period.

I think those numbers speak for themselves.

Nowadays, with all the existing technology, cars are theoretically safer. But if technology is getting better and better how come these accidents happen all the time, everywhere? I guess the answer is simple: people. Yeah, those drivers behind the steering wheel aren’t that bright.

Now I have to warn you, viewer discretion is advised.

Car Crash Chaos – Breaking Videos de BreakOfficial


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