Guests Report Screams Coming From An Unoccupied Room. What Officers Find Inside Is Spine-Chilling

Hotel security investigate ghostly screams coming from an unoccupied room

The footage was recorded by hotel security on September 14, 2003, at a WINGATE HOTEL in Illinois. According to the hotel security manager, people staying at the hotel called in to the front desk complaining about screams coming from a particular room (#209). The room in question was unoccupied.

They had to investigate that room to see what’s happening so they sent a security officer. Security cameras caught  something really disturbing…

The video below show a spine chilling discovery:


I know that there are a lot of reports of ghost sightings and many of them are questionable, but this video kinda showed something that looked like an apparition. And it seemed to leave the room exactly when the officer entered.

If you are wondering if the video is fake or not, we can not clarify that. But we can show you what those that uploaded  the video on Youtube have to say about this:

“It’s funny how people think this video is edited/fake. The audio is a mix down between the security camera audio and a separate recording from inside the office (which is specifically there to record in case of robbery to the hotel). People will always come to there own conclusions why a video is fake (like cameras pointed at the door). What they don’t realized is that there are about 80 cameras in the hallways around the hotel, all pointing at doors and hallways.”

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