Dad Turns His 6-Year-Old Son’s Drawings Into Reality And The Results Are Hilarious (14 pics)

Meet Dom. Dom is 6 and just as any other child he likes to draw. The child has his own Instagram account where his “masterpieces” are uploaded.

What makes his drawings really special is that after they are finished, they are recreated by Dom’s dad into their real world counterparts with the help of digital magic and a large dose of humor.

The 6 year old draws lions, robots, zebras and many more, and with dad’s twist they outrun our imagination.

In the majority of the cases the end results are funny…but then there are those that end up creepy. All in all they are awesome!


1. This is how he knows how to draw elephants.

dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-1 dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-2

2. Is that a zebra mebra?

dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-5 dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-6

3. No way! That giraffe is kinky.

dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-7 dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-8

4. Sun-lion in the house.

dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-15 dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-16

5. The new era of motoring.

dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-13 dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-14

6. He has a rich imagination.

dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-9 dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-10

7. This one’s my favorite!


8. The shark dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-4

9. It looks like a donkey with wheels.

dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-11 dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-12

10. Spun goat.


11. “What are you looking at, hu?”

dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-17 dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-18

12. Happy fish.

dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-19 dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-20

13. Cat with skinny legs.

dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-21 dad-turns-his-6-year-old-sons-drawings-into-reality-22

14. Is that a rabbit? Or a cat?



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