Seeing how easy a rat can wiggle up your toilet will have you clenching your cheeks

The toilet is the last place on this planet where someone would want to have problems.

Now imagine that you are coming home from work or you just woke up and you need to use the bathroom (you know, nature’s calling). And you find yourself in one of the worst possible scenario: you find a rat in your toilet bowl.

First of all, keep calm. I know this may sound weird, but finding yourself in a situation like this although may be improbable, it is possible!

It’s important to know that a rat’s ribs are hinged at the spine, making it extremely easy for them to squeeze through really tight places, just like your toilet’s pipes.

Also, rats are really good swimmers. They can hold their breath for up to an astonishing three minutes.

In the video posted below you’ll see how a rat can find his way from city streets right in your toilet.


National Geographic

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