Some People Call This ‘The Best Christmas Ad Ever’. After Watching It, I Might Have To Agree

John Lewis is a well known British retailer for it’s heartwarming series of Christmas ads. And every year around this time they release the annual commercial. As they have accustomed us, the ad it’s a sentimental story, and no, it isn’t a sad one, but it has the power of striking a chord with people around the globe. And to make them laugh.

Beside the fact they are trying to reach peoples’ hearts and to put a smile on their faces, these advertisements are aimed at raising funds for serious cases. Each year, John Lewis chooses different worthy cause to donate, and this year they’re partnering with The Wildlife Trusts.

This year ad is about the story of a little girl named Bridget who really loves to bounce. Her mom and dad buys her for Christmas a trampoline and they all discover that she wasn’t the only one who has a passion for jumping. On Christmas Eve, little girl’s parents build a trampoline in their garden, the Christmas present for their six year old daughter. The next morning, the little girl runs downstairs pretty excited to see what she’s been given. When she sees the trampoline in the garden she immediately notice Buster the boxer bouncing on the trampoline.

Here you can watch the new John Lewis Christmas TV advert 2016 with #BusterTheBoxer:

Buster the boxer isn’t the only dog who loves to bounce on the trampoline. There is another boxer out there, named Buzz who loves to jump and he also likes John Lewis advert 2016. Here is his reaction when he’s watching the advert:

Oh, please, someone should buy him a trampoline. I hope his owners would do that. And if they record him and send the video with him bouncing on the trampoline, I’m pretty sure he’ll get on Ellen and maybe he’ll get a lifetime supply of dogs.

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