Fisherman Is Feeding A Huge Flock Of Bald Eagles. But Watch When The Camera Turns Left

Bald eagles are such fascinating creatures and unfortunately spotting one is very rare. One has to be very lucky to see this beautiful bird, not to mention about interacting with one. Unless these birds are at the zoo, interacting with them is almost unheard of.

You can imagine the excitement when someone spots one in the air, flying, or even one sitting on a rock. This is why the video you’re about to see it’s so incredible and really special. An Alaskan fisherman, Jessie Peek, is actually hand feeding a huge flock of bald eagles. At first when they gather to eat, the first think that comes in your mind is ‘wow they are so many’, but then when he moves the camera to the left you can see they are all over his boat. It is a very rare experience. This guy is so lucky to see live so many of these majestic birds, and he gets to see them every day, when they come to eat their daily snack. He wrote on the video’s description “just another day in alaska”, because for him it is.


via jessie peck

I’m jealous of this guy, he gets to see these beautiful birds everyday, but I have to thank him for recording this video so that we can all see it. An ordinary day of his life can be an incredible experience for any of us.

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