“Trump Against Humanity” Is The World’s Greatest Party Game That Was Banned

We all know that during his presidential campaign, Trump has said a bunch of bold words. This is what inspired agency Sid Lee Collective to create the unofficial expansion to Card Against Humanity. So they made Trump Against Humanity “a party game about a horrible person”, which contains actual Donald Trump quotes. Yes, it uses expressions he said publicly during his campaign. Among them there are “Make ___ great again”, “Mexicans”, “Yuuuge”, “Moving to Canada”. On the back of the box reads: “The unofficial expansion pack with all the best words and casual racial slurs from the man himself.”

“When the primary started, he was dropping tons of one-liners that we thought would work well with a game like Cards Against Humanity. It really became, ‘What did Trump say today?’ We were looking for quotes that lent themselves to the most offensive, absurd, combinations that captured the same twisted sense of humor in Cards Against Humanity,” the agency’s executive creative director, Jeffrey De Silva said to The Chicago Tribune.

“But Trump did most of the legwork for us, since he can’t seem to go long without saying something ridiculous.”

But for some legal reasons, Sid Lee Collective is not able to sell this product. So yeah, this is a bad news for you if you want to get this party game. But they might consider sending one to people who register on their website. Since Friday, they have received more than 30,000 request, according to The Tribune.









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