Elvis IS Still Alive – Living Inside This 16 Year Old Boy. CHILLS!

You know there are so many Elvis impersonators out there and they are making a living our of this. And some participate on Elvis contests. While some do resemble Elvis, others are just a joke.

But there is one boy, David Thibault from Quebec, Canada, who impressed the whole world. He was invited by a local radio, 102.1 CKOI’s studios, to sing Elvis’ “Blue Christmas”. After he started singing, he definitely blew the hosts away, and luckily for us they recorded his rendition and posted the video.

We need to add one detail, he is only 16 years old. Though he is just a teenager, it is unclear how he got so interested in Elvis to begin with, but his cover has people around the globe all shook up. Although he has a deep Québécois accent when he speaks,  when he sings he sounds like the King of rock ‘n’ roll. If you just close your eyes and listen to this boy, you could swear that Elvis has returned. Besides the fact that he sings like Elvis, he even looks like The King.

It truly is an incredible impersonation of Elvis! The teen is so good, he made it onto the Ellen Show. Some say that this guy is Elvis reincarnated.

Meet David Thibault, the 16-year-old boy who sounds (and kinda looks) exactly like Elvis:


via Benoit Bourgeault

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