Man Reveals Japanese Gift Wrapping Hack That Lets You Wrap Gifts In Less Than 15 Secs

Christmas is coming and I know you have to find and buy the perfect gifts for your friends and family. First of all, if you already have finished your Christmas shopping, I have to congratulate you for that. But, I’m pretty sure that you’re like the rest of us. You haven’t even started looking/shopping for the perfect gift for the girlfriend, parents or for any of the family members and best friends.

Although finding the perfect gift seems to be a hard task, when it comes to wrapping it, this task proves to be a lot harder. It’s like wrestling with wrapping paper, ribbons and tape and you always lose the fight. No matter how hard you fight, the result will always be awkwardly shaped. Those times are over know thanks to this guy who reveals the best Japanese gift wrapping hack. (scroll down for the video)

A few years ago, a video of an employee from a Japanese store went viral due to his impressive speed in wrapping gifts. Youtube user, BeatTheBush, analyzed the technique and created an amazing how-to-video and showed all of us behind the scene facts about wrapping Christmas gifts.

An employee from a Japanese store wraps a gifts in less than 15 seconds.


Watch the video below and see how to master the art of wrapping gifts yourself:

via BeatTheBush

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