Little Kitten Never Used A Litter Box. Seeing Her Figuring It Out Is Hilarious

Having a pet is awesome but it’s also a lot of hard work, especially in the first few months when the little one uses the whole house as his/her toilet. Every pet owner knows this struggle. But once he/she is trained, things really start to get in line.

And what a lovely feeling it is to know that your pet isn’t going to transform, while you’re at work, your house into a toilet, not to mention the fact that from this point the fluff slowly but steady starts figuring things out.

The kitten you are about to see uses the litter box for the very first time. She is hilarious! Her expressions, as she slowly understands the purpose of that box, are priceless.


This adorable kitten is in her litter box for the very first time and doesn’t quite understand what she’s supposed to do!



It’s pretty clear she has to go, but she hasn’t figured out the best approach. She thought that at first, maybe, it would be ok if she hang out.


Watch how this adorable kitten hilariously figures out how to use her litter box.

via ivanko

Seeing her figure out the purpose of her litter box has put a smile on my face! The kitten is simply adorable!

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