This Polish Christmas Ad Has Gone Viral Because, Well, You Have To Watch It

There is a recipe to make a perfect commercial and the most popular online auction Allegro has used it when they created their Christmas ad for this year. First, you need a simple but powerful message that reminds us that we, as a humanity, have so much in common. You also need humor, not too much but the right amount to put a smile on people’s faces and of course a dog. You should always use a dog. All these along with a compelling storyline and there you go, you have the perfect ad, in theory. The Polish company used all these ingredients and they have done one of the best commercials in 2016.

And it is a touching one, it’s about an elderly Polish man who wants to learn English and in order to achieve that he orders a book called “English for beginners”. I don’t want to say more, to spoil the ad, and you’ll have to see the commercial for yourself.

Here is the most perfect and the funniest Christmas ad of 2016 that will hit you right in the feels (watch till the end):


via Allegro

As you can read in the video’s description on Youtube, “Sometimes words fail to express what is most important. In this case, you just need to learn them.” And they are so right! Thanks Poland, I needed a happy cry today!

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