17 Photos with a Heavy Dose Of Irony

Irony is a form of intelligence and it’s funny af. If you want a good laugh you’ve came to the right place because you’re about to see some of the most funniest situation when irony kicked in.

But I guess we all have that one friend that takes irony at highest level, or a friend of a friend, and when we meet that guy it feels like our day got better.

Prepare yourself to laugh with tears and for your stomach muscles to hurt.


1. The definition of irony.

2. Aaaannd you had one job!

3. The death valley takes you to the health center?

4. I guess he’s right, no one cares.

5. … Until they actually stop.

6. I mean, look at his face. Completes the “view”.

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7. And now we all know where she is.


8. Isn’t it ironic?

9. Stop tweets, but hey follow us on Twitter.

10. Not so stable now.

11. Soooooo many choices.

12. Whant about “Thou shalt not steal

13. And the rules do not apply to him.

14. Right, play the game on your playstation, not that you have a table tennis table laying around the house somewhere.

15. The collision investigation team is on the spot.

16. Maybe you shouldn’t do it at all in the first place. Why bother?

17. The dog loves the “no chewing” solution.

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