15 Churches That Are Doing It Right. Funny Church Signs

Whether you are a religious person or not, I know for sure that these signs will make you laugh, or at least they’ll put a big smile on your face.

I don’t know about you, but if I saw one or some of this church signs I would be tempted to enter into that church and attend their service. And that is because most of the churches (not all) use their marquee only to send messages to state their religious opinion in a trivial or even offensive ways.

But not these 15 particular churches, they do it right, they are funny and by using humor they intrigue those who read the signs and get their attention. After reading them, you just realized that if more churches would send messages this way, most people would be interested to attend their service.

Humor is part of life and when it comes to religion as a serious subject or matter we should not exclude it. Is not that I am saying we should make fun of religion. But we can use humor to better understand life and loosen up a little. Life is hard and without humor it would be even harder. I guess what I am saying is to be open minded when we take this journey called life so that at the end of it we can look back and say “Now that was fun, hard, but fun”.

Religion is part of our society and part of the way more or less people live their lives, so let’s put a little bit of salt and pepper and a big smile on our faces. We’ve collected the best 15 funny church signs that definitely will put a smile on your face:




funny church signs


lol church signs


hilarious signs from church





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