This Guy Slices Into a Rattlesnake Tail. Take a Look at What’s Inside

I know you’ve never wondered what is inside of a rattlesnake tail, at least I haven’t. It’s that kind of thing you never think about but when you do, it’s like something hits you. You just realize how interesting it may be to find the answer to such a weird question.

What's Inside Rattlesnake Tail

Snakes are that sort of species that many people don’t even want to think about, not to mention to see. Only if they are in a terrarium or at least you know you are at a safe distance.

This guy Daniel and his son, luckily for us, had this curiosity to see what’s inside that snake’s tail. They started a Youtube channel three years ago, dad wanted to help his son Lincoln with a science project back in 2014. And they found out it’s really cool and interesting to find out what different objects hide inside of them. Since then, they’ve gathered more than 4 million subscribers.

They got the idea with the rattlesnake’s tail from a fan, and they found it interesting and bought the real tail from eBay. Yes, even this kind of things you can buy from eBay, you can buy a snake’s head if you like this stuff.

So, very careful with all the safety measures taken, Daniel started to cut through the snake’s tail, but not before she shook the tail a few times.

So, here is the video. We would like to hear what you think about it? Do you find it interesting, disgusting, fascinated? Let us know by commenting in the comment section bellow.

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