10+ Real Life Disney Characters

Did you thought that cartoon characters are only the fruit of imagination? Well, you might want to think again. And do you know why Disney characters are like real life characters? It’s simply because they are really inspired from real life people.

As you will see from the list below, some of your favorite film stars are actually real. For example, Ursula from The Little Mermaid is an actual judge from Ukraine and Mr Potato from Toy Story has its own real life lookalike, the TV personality Steve Harvey. I want to add that you should not judge a judge from its cover. šŸ™‚

Somehow these real persons are like the twins of the characters. We don’t mind, we are actually fine with it, because it’s even more entertaining for us.

Let us know witch one is your favorite in the comment section below. So, here they are:

1. This Ukrainian judge is Ursula’s from The Little Mermaid clone.

disney-cartoon-real-life-lookalikes- ursula


2. This guy looks likeĀ Linguini from Ratatouille.


3.Ā Khal Drogo looks just like Scar from Lion King


4. And the look alike of Russel from Up

cartoon-real-life-lookalikes-russel Up

5. And Nicky Minaj looks like Mr Potato Head

cartoon-real-life-lookalikes-nicky minajvia

6. Asian girl looks like Flash from Zootopia