CEO Falls Asleep At Work and His Employees Go Wild With Photoshop Memes

Falling asleep at work isn’t such a good thing to happen to you. Even if you did not sleep the night before or if you’re having a rough time. Your co-worker will know how to “take advantage” of your situation and have some fun. And this might be a good and funny thing for them to witness.

But when employees catch their boss sleeping at work, they can’t ignore the opportunity to make fun of him. It’s a one time situation for many of us. So when Zeev Farbman, the CEO of the photo sharing and editing app Enlight, was caught sleeping at work, his employess took a snap picture of him. And this is not all. They turned his boss into an internet star by creating memes of him and posted them on their website:

“Lightricks’ CEO and co-founder, Zeev Farbman, works hard. He’s got a rapidly growing company to manage and four new (awesome!) products in the works at the same time. When we caught him catching some shut-eye between back-to-back meetings, we couldn’t help but snap a shot.”

I want to add that if they did this, posted the photoshoped pictures on their website, they knew their boss will be ok with it and play along with the joke. Or maybe it’s just a marketing trick. Eitherway it’s funny for us and puts a big smile on our faces.


The original photo CEO Falls Asleep At Work

CEO Falls Asleep At Work Photoshop Memes








ceo falls asleep at work meme


CEO Falls Asleep At Work Photoshop thootpaste Meme





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