10 Best Times When Chinese Photoshop Trolls Were Hilarious

When people know nothing about photoshop they think this program can do miracles, or that those who work with the program will. In most cases, yes, photoshop can do wonders. But that’s the case when they are paid for their work.

There are many people out there that take normal pictures of themselves and send them to photoshop masters and request them to make them look spectacular or dangerous or something. But I think you already know what these masters will do with all those received pictures. They make them spectacular for us to watch. It is a source of entertainment for themselves and obviously for us.

1. Photoshop Request: “I want to look more dangerous.”

chinese photoshop troll photoshop troll funny

2. Photoshop Request: “Can you make me look less bored?”

 chinese photoshop trolling
asia chinese photoshop troll

3. Photoshop Request: “I want to look like a hero with courage!”

funny chinese photoshop troll chinese photoshop troll

4. Photoshop Request: “I want more style.”

chinese photoshop troll

chinese photoshop troll

5. Photoshop Request: “I’d like a Prince Charming with me, please.”

Photoshop troll Prince Charming

Photoshop troll Prince Charming

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