These Stunning Houses Are Real Whether You Believe It Or Not

You all dream and wish for your forever perfect house, with an amazing backyard with pool and awesome design. And you work very hard to make that dream come true. Most people imagine that those Hollywood movies houses would be their perfect house for them. But you haven’t seen these unique and truly beautiful houses with and incredibly creative design.

After you’ll see them, I sure you’ll change your vision about how your perfect house should look like. You’ll notice that these houses have something in common but are totally different. All have ingenious design and break most of those dull architectural patterns. I have to warn you that you’ll love all of them and you won’t be able to pick one as your favorite. But if you do manage to like one more let us know which one is it in the comment section below.


1.  World’s Slimmest House, Polandmost-creative-houses-in-the-world-World’s Slimmest House

It measures as less as 36 inches (3 ft.) to 60 inches (5 ft.) in width.

most-creative-houses-in-the-world-World’s Slimmest House 3

most-creative-houses-in-the-world-World’s Slimmest House 2


2. The Upside down House, Szymbark, Polandupside down house poland

3. Transparent House, Japan

It has 914 square foot. This house was build by Sou Fujimoto Architects and they were inspired by early practice, living in a tree. There’s no privacy whatsoever buy it has plenty of daylight.

most-creative-houses-in-the-world-transparent hous in japan 2

most-creative-houses-in-the-world-transparent hous in japan

4. Dick Clark’s Flintstones Home, USAFlintstones Home usa

Located in Malibu, Dick Clark spent around 3.5 million dollars to build it.

Flintstones Home usa interior 3

Flintstones Home usa interior 3

Flintstones Home usa interior 3

5. Seashell House, Mexicoseashell house mexico

Pictures will speak more than words. Was design by architect Javier Senosiain for a family with two kids.

seashell house mexico interior

seashell house mexico interior

seashell house mexico interior 4