Infographic Shows Top 100 Websites Based On Monthly Traffic

Three porn and two torrent sites appear in the top 100 Websites

The Internet is BIG, in fact is really BIG, we all know that. What you might not know is that there are 1.1 billion websites out there but only the top 100 websites bring in the most of the web’s traffic. And it’s not us saying that. Vodien company, a Singapore based web hosting service has created an infographic showing the most popular websites in the USA. They used data for analytics company Alexa.

Infographic Top 100 Websites Monthly Traffic

It’s an excellent infographic, showing which company owns these websites, how many of them and how they are connected with each other. For example, as Business Insider noted, you can clearly see what sites Google controls and those are Google, Youtube, Blogger, and Google User Content.

There is a really big difference between #1 and #100. While Google has 28 billion visits per month, ranked #98 only has 58 million visits a month. If you do a simple math, you’ll notice that is a 500x difference! Pretty impressive right?

And obviously, porn websites are in this top 100. Pornhub is ranked #33 and a torrent (or illegal) streaming website is ranked #78.

Click here for the full size version of this infographic.

And if you look at the top of the infographic you’ll notice the category of these website and the number of sites in each category. Most sites are in News category (14), with Social Media website on second place, followed by Web and File hosting.

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