Snake Tries To Eat A Porcupine, Regrets It Immediately

Recently a video was release showing a boa constrictor, one of the largest snake in the world, writhing in pain after attacking a porcupine and getting pierced by dozens of spikes. I must warn you that even the video is painful to watch. 

It was filmed in Brazil, a place where it’s a common thing to find these creature. And that is because they like tropical climate. Boa is not a poisonous snake, but can grow really big, up to 13 feet in length. As their name point out, boa constrictor, this type of snake hide until they are close enough to the pray and strike an attack. Then, it will coil its body around it and squeeze the pray till it stops breathing.

Although they eat birds, lizards or frogs – but they can also eat monkeys and even deers – mostly small animals, this one had a tremendous bad luck when decided to attack a porcupine. 

These little creatures have a lot of quills to defend themselves and getting pierced by so many of them can be really painful. I’m pretty sure that this snake will never attempt to eat a porcupine and treat it with more respect from now on.

If that was not enough for the poor snake, things got even worse when the filmmaker’s dog started to bark at it. He was forced to coil around to protect itself against the canine.


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