Mail Carrier Gets Attacked By Cat When She Comes To This House Every Day

Canadian mail carrier Debra Anderson has a little surprise when she does her daily route when she gets to a certain house. At first she never expected it, but now it’s the best and favorite part of her work day. I have to admit it, it’s hilarious.

Every day, this funny cat meets the mail carrier at the window of the owner house pouncing and meowing at her. After seeing its reaction, I can say one thing, this house doesn’t need a guard dog because it has this kitty. I might say she is scarier than a dog lol.

As Debra wrote on the video’s description, she really loves every meeting with this cat and: “every day I encounter this attack cat… It is the highlight of my route and I love him! Scarier than any dog yet… Pretty sure it would rip my face off if the glass window didn’t keep him in.” Because she kinda feels attached to it, she posted many videos showing how the cat “attacks” her daily: “I love my job so much and this cat truly makes my day.”

See for yourself how the cat reacts every time she gets near the house. Luckily, there’s a window between them. As the cat makes Debra’s day every day, I can say the video will make yours too. So enjoy the love!

And Cat Attacking Mail Carrier Part 2

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