Cat Is Not Allowed To Sleep On The Bed, Owner Wakes Her Up With Firecracker [VIDEO]

This video is not as hard to watch as you may think!

There’s a guy who owns a cat and she is not allowed to sleep on his bed. But you know that cats only do what they want so they do not hesitate to do exactly what they’re not allowed to do in the first place. When her owner finds his cat sleeping right in his bed, he decided to teach her a lesson. And those were his words, as you can read the video’s description: “The cat knows she isn’t allowed to sleep on my bed, yet she does it anyway. Maybe this will teach her a lesson.”

He filmed the hole thing and posted the video on youtube, and as you may have thought, it has gone viral. So here is the footage the owner recorded when he woke up his cat with a firecracker.

You’ll have to watch till the end, you’ll be surprised:

Did you really though he is gonna hurt his precious cat? No, neither did we. He loves her very much, and I think he makes a good point with this video. You have to love animals, not to hurt them. They are a part of our lives and they complete it.

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