Owner Shows Mesmerising Optical Illusion To His Cat And It Goes Crazy

Youtube user Ryan Kotzin and his cat Peter both have hobbies. He rescues squirrel as a hobby and the cat likes to eat optical illusions. So he thought one night to see how Peter will react to ‘Rotating Snake’ optical illusion. Obviously he recorded the hole thing and posted the video on Youtube.

This particular optical illusion isn’t an ordinary one, everybody who saw it got pretty dizzy, and Peter is no exception. When he first saw it he didn’t know how to react. He started to stare at it and then, suddenly, when he noticed some movement he pounced it and eventually he couldn’t bear anymore and he decided to… eat it.

Everybody who watche the video loves it and it’s pretty normal. It features a cute cat and it’s funny behaviour and of course an optical illusion. Since the video was posted on Youtube it went viral, and it has just under 4 million views.

So take a look at it and prepare to be mesmerized, but not as much as Peter was when he saw the illusion.


Psychology journal wanted to take a closer look at cats reaction when looking at Rotating Snake illusion so they did a test back in 2014. After they’ve tested multiple cats, they discovered that cats react with hunting behavior when they are faced with this illusion.

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