Woman Discovers Car Filled With Cement, Then Realizes Why (Video)

It seems that filling cars with cement is the newest form of revenge. Or at least in Russia. An angry husband decided to take revange at his wife by filling her car with cement after she changed her last name to the name of a local supermarket (scroll down for the video).

All of this started when an unnamed couple in St. Petersburg, Russia, were experienced a rough patch in their marriage, according to Daily Mail.

So his wife decided to change her last name without talking with her husband about it. The woman changed her name to “Venity“, the name of the supermarket she works for. The supermarket chain were running a promotion that would pay every person who would change their last name for $ 875/month, for as long as they keep it.

Ironically, the name translates to”Loyal”.

So her husband hired a cement truck driver to pour cement into woman’s car. A passerby caught it all on camera, even when the man helped the driver back up to the car’s opened window and ordered to send the cement directly into the car.

While thecar was being filled, the husband was pretty pleased of his act and spoked and smiled to the man with the camera. He was very pleased with what he had done.


The video went viral on Youtube has more than 2 million views and thousands of comments. Many thought that the man’s reaction was a bit extreme. Someone wrote: “I hope this idiot gets a fine,” while others think the husband should go to jail.

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