Teen Girl Who Dialed 911 To Get Help For Dying Dad Arrested Over Word She Used During Call

You know that when you go through an emergency, it is really hard to maintain your calm and speak properly. Apparently, officer Robert McFarland forgot about the stress someone is put through when having an emergency. So when he got a 911 call from Adrianne Ledesma, 17, of Lincoln Park, Michigan, that’s exactly what happened with her. Her dad had a brain surgery three weeks prior, and had fallen and was experiencing a seizure in the kitchen.

Obviously she was terrified when this happened and she called 911, but it took her three times for anyone to pick up. So because of the fear she started swearing out loud and then Mcfarland answered the emergency call. That is when he heard her using the f-word and decided to rebuke her for that. While she was trying to remain calm, she begged him for an ambulance, but… the officer hung up on her. She called again, and once more no one answered the call.

See the video for yourself:


In the meantime, she had no idea if help is on the way, so she rushed to the police headquarters to get the help her father needed so much. When she arrived at the police station, officer McFarland was there and decided to arrest her for abusing 911, which is not even a felony.

As many expected, McFarland was suspended for two weeks and has to attend additional training. That is because his actions could have endangered the life of Ledesma’s father. Although Lincoln Park’s chief of police has no idea what caused McFarland to snap, he apologised for the incident.

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