These Cute Animal Shaped Backpacks Protect Babies Heads If They Fall Over

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Animal Shaped Backpacks Protect Babies Heads

As a parent, you probably already know how often babies, even toddlers, fall right on their head. If they’re just learning to walk or trying to sit up, most often they end up falling backwards. And this adorable animal shaped backpack for babies is specially designed to protect your baby’s head in those situations.

Animals: Bee | Panda | Bunny | Beetle | Butterfly | Owl

The baby head protector is very easy to use, you just slide it around your baby’s shoulders just like you’d put on a backpack. The top part is a cushion specially made to soften the fall and protect their head.

Bee Baby Head Protector Backpack
Panda Head Protector Backpack For Babies

Beside protecting the baby from getting hurt when falling backwards, this baby protector backpack also helps prevent flat head syndrome when lying down. Here comes in action the opening on the cushion. If they lie on the floor for extended periods of time it gives room for their skull to keep its proper shape.

Smiling bee shaped baby head protector backpack

Is made from cotton and it’s super soft and breathable, and you can adjust the shoulder straps to perfectly fit babies 4-24 months old. It comes in different versions you can choose from, including an owl or panda.

I still have to mention how adorably cute this will look attached on your child.

Check out the bee shaped baby head protector backpack in action via the video below.

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